Why you should join Four Corners

Four Corners Alliance Group Overview

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Four Corners Alliance Group is a financial investment education company in the multi-level marketing industry. Four Corners Alliance Group, whose mission is “to provide a safe and secure place where a life-changing income can be built fast,” provides a solid, user-friendly platform with cutting-edge financial products and real-world veteran experts in the areas of marketing, finance, and online business.


Four Corners Alliance Groupprovides books on a wealth of financial topics designed to help consumers succeed in the business world. The financial education set offered by the company contains 31 books distributed through six separate purchase levels. Financial investment topics include personal finances, stocks and investments, simplified binary options and strategies, how to start your own multi-level marketing business, understanding bitcoin, credit card debt, economics, multiple income streams, hedge and exchange traded funds, the Debt Crisis, and residential and commercial real estate.


Four Corners Alliance Groupoffers a financial and lifestyle newsletter for $29.95 per month. The newsletters feature current information regarding foreign markets, precious metals, lifestyle opportunities, and much more. Newsletter subscribers also receive access to a monthly live web conference call where members can receive answers to their questions from financial experts on domestic and world markets.Distributors receive an 80 percent commission on the newsletter subscriptions that they sell.


Commissions are earned on multiple levels. Distributors are eligible to receive instant commissions on product purchases, sponsor matches, recurring commissions, monthly newsletter commissions, and more. Four Corners Alliance Grouppays out 86 percent of the product’s cost as commission. This is split up as a 40 percent commission and a 40 percent sponsor match, with an additional 6 percent paid out to members and sponsors qualified to receive that commission. For products sold to non-members, distributors receive the usual commission plus a 25 percent markup.

Online Retail Store

Four Corners Alliance Group distributors receive a pre-made online retail store where customers can directly purchase products. All the products featured on the online retail store are priced at retail cost, which is up to 33 percent more than the distributor’s membership discount. This difference is pocketed by the distributor as an instantly earned retail commission.