Sponsor’s Matching Commissions

Earnings at a Whole New Level!


Sponsor?s Commissions take your earnings to a whole new level as you receive unlimited matching commissions from your directly sponsored members every time THEY receive a commission from someone in THEIR downline who has either bought one of the products or subscribes to the Premier Weekly Program.

Remember, you are qualified to receive the commission if the person you are receiving a matching commission on is directly sponsored by you.

Of course, the member receiving the commission receives this irrespective of whether the member purchasing the product or subscribing to the Premier Weekly Program was introduced by them or they were added into their downline structure from members above or below them.

This means that you could get a constant stream of commission simply because you are part of this exciting and powerful team build!

There is no requirement to introduce new Independent Business Owners, but naturally, those who do actively build their team reap the benefits of unlimited income potential by receiving a 100% match on the members they directly sponsored into the business.

You can learn more about the two different types of Sponsor?s 100% Matching Commissions by clicking on the link below, or simply use the links in the navigation bar to your right to get you there.