Offline 4Corners Presentations

  • Boost your 4Corners 100% Matching Commission
  • Grow faster and Earn quicker
  • Support your members
  • Reach a wider audience

So how does it work?

Step One – Give Four Corners Presentations

  • Book a venue
  • Invite people
  • Setup up your banners and posters
  • Connect your projector or flat screen tv with your laptop
  • Show them the Four Corners video

Are there people that would like to join Four Corners? Good!!!

Step Two – Super Boost Your Presentation Efforts

  • Showcase the “4Corners Team Rotation – System” to them
  • They automatically qualify to register
  • No need for them to look for people to join

An off-line presentation is also available that include both the Four Corners video and Simplified Marketing Solution in one PowerPoint presentation. This gives you the advantage to demonstrate the combined solution and to a wider audience.

You just got to make it…that is for sure