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You are now a Four Corners member, but also a SA Millionaires Club – 4Corners Member. The combination of the two serves as an automatic vehicle to drive your Online Business Opportunity. This is where you access all the necessary features needed to monitor and engage. See list of features…

Invite Friends & Family

Your referral link to invite Friends & Family through our platform. Your referral link include your personal Four Corners sign-up link. Also a great feature for the 100% matching commission. 

Rotation List

Access to Rotation List. A list of sponsors that are currently in the process of signing up new members. When a sponsor reach 4 sign-ups (new members) they will leave the rotation system immediately.

4 Sponsors Success

Access to sponsors who successfully signed up 4 new members through our rotation system.


Your profile features.

Social Network

Online community, similar to Facebook. We also use this to publish our testimonies. Our members must share their experience on our public wall to inspire prospects from around the world.

Contact Us

Members can contact us through a build-in contact form for any enquiries.

Public Tweets

What are Public Tweets? Our members don’t have to be logged in all the time for any updates, however, when following us on Twitter can they instantly know of any developments like new sponsors that joined, etc.

The tweets are public to engage with the broader world and to inspire prospects to join.