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Join Four Corners from the next Recruiter In-Line

You will be redirected to the 4Corners corporate presenter page of the recruiter. You would probably like to verify some of the 4Corners information.

The “Members Login”/”Join Now” buttons are top right on the 4Corners Presenter Page and when you ready to sign up, just click on the “Join Now” button. Also don’t forget to tick the “Confirm Your Inviter”. It will ask you (Yes, I confirm my inviter which is your recruiter)

  • To join 4Corners you must click on the “4Corners SignUp Link” of the recruiter

    First NameLast Name4Corners SignUp LinkJoin Source
    Chris Buys 4Corners Referral Link Main Sponsor


  • Register your “4Corners Personal Website Link” and stand in line to get 4 members assigned to you.
  • Sit back and watch how your network grows automatically.

First Name
Last Name
4Corners SignUp Link

Your 4Corners Personal Website Link
Join Source

Should you experience problems, please email us at


Queue in-line to automatically receive your 4 new members

  • The following list of members are in line to automatically get their 4 new members assign to them. The sooner you join the quicker you move in line to get your 4 members assign to you.
  • Your newly assigned members will go through the same process and that means you donít have to worry if they will succeed and the joining process down your network is much faster than normal presentation.

Want to see the Complete Queue List…click here

First NameLast Name4Corners SignUp LinkJoin Source
Audrey Buys 4Corners Referral Link Invited
Johanna Buys 4Corners Referral Link Invited
Erric Macart 4Corners Referral Link Internet or Social Media

The following member has just left the queue and now stand in line to recruit he/her’s 4 new members.

First NameLast Name4Corners SignUp LinkJoin Source
Chris Buys 4Corners Referral Link Main Sponsor

Queue Operation

  • The queue only calculates on the Join Source Value which is Internet or Social Media. This means a current recruiter will successfully move to complete if he/she sign up 4 of these values.
  • When a current recruiter invite people personally, they will be regarded as “Internet or Social Media” and should be registered as that. The current recruiter cannot queue any longer if he/she recruits 4 new members.†


4 Members assigned successfully…

  • The following members has their 4 members assigned to them and their network is about to grow.
  • Their also begins to earn from the 4Corners business opportunity

Content is for Registered Members Only…

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  • Say greetings to the team and where you from.
  • What you think of the SA Millionaires platform autopilot system.
  • Testify from time to time about your experience and most importantly your earnings.

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