Simplified How it works - Mobile App

Four Corners
Mobile App

Online/Offline – Free App

Good News !!! This opportunity can be viewed off-line. No internet connection or data needed.

Mobile Devices – Phone & Tablet

  1. Expand our audience from Website visitors to “In your pocket mobile App”.
  2. Instant access to “Does it work and am I ready to join”.
  3. Save on data and view the opportunity conveniently offline. 
  4. Can really reach to the less privileged and poor up to the rich and fame. a Platform for us all.
  5. The app automatically update when changes are made to the mother website.


Home/Office Devices – Desktop & laptop

  1. Guess what? You can even download the normal website from Chrome .
  2. App on your desktop home screen for offline view
  3. Only go online for Updates, Rotation System or Social Network (Mobile as well).

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