Affiliates Automatically Assign to Your Four Corners Network

You simply sign up and we do the rest…

  1. Sign Up with Four Corners ($28)
  2. Register?your 4Corners username (Free)
  3. System Allocate?4?new affiliates to you
  4. Your 4 new affiliates and their affiliate and so on?Repeat?the process until you reach your 4 by 6 matrix?($575,200)

Optional – Invite Friends and Family or Do Presentations

Boost your 100% Matching Commission

  1. Invite Friends and Family
  2. Give Four Corners Presentation
  • They sign up directly under you using your Four Corners Referral Link
  • They too register their 4Corners user name on our Rotation System
  • Our system Allocate 4 new affiliates to them each
  • They too go through the Automatic Assignment process and so with all their affiliates that sign up with them

Sign Up Here ==> 4Corners Team Rotator