Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions (7)

In which countries can I promote Four Corners Alliance Group?

Rather than go through the many countries worldwide where you can promote Four Corners, perhaps the easiest way will be to mention countries which are currently excluded either due to sanctions imposed by the United States Authorities, payment issues, or due to known national laws:

  • Belarus
  • Burma
  • Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Ethiopia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Democratic People?s Republic of Korea
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Iran
  • Serbia and Montenegro
  • Moldova
  • Myanmar (Formerly Burma)
  • Namibia – Can participate in Retails Sales only
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Uzbekistan

How can my team from ?X? country join? They don?t really use credit card in that region.

We currently have three payment options to purchase products and to join as an I.B.O: SolidTrust Pay, SafetyPay, and Bitcoin.

Additional solutions are always under consideration. Please contact Support if your region is not satisfactorily supported by our current options.

How many accounts can I have?

In order to ensure strong and steady growth of the entire business, each member is allowed ONE account. This will be monitored thoroughly and duplicate accounts will be detected, shut down and funds forfeited.

Can my family members have an account too?

Four Corners Alliance Group realizes that many of our members will want their family members to be part of the business too. We have no problems with that AS LONG AS THE INTEGRITY OF THE BUSINESS AND THE COMPENSATION PLAN IS UNDERSTOOD, RESPECTED AND MAINTAINED, AND THE FAMILY MEMBERS ARE AT LEAST THE AGE OF MAJORITY.

Please be aware that any attempts at malicious ?stacking? and/or manipulating the system in any way will be detected and dealt with.

Offending accounts will be shut down and funds forfeited ? don?t say we didn?t warn you!

We want this business to create wealth for everyone and have constructed the compensation plan to do this. Remember, what goes around, comes around ? so play fair and treat others exactly as you would want to be treated yourself ? or risk losing your account.

Minimum Age Requirement?

The Minimum Age Requirement is 18 years, or the age of majority for the person?s place of residency.

How much does it cost to join?

The Four Corners Alliance Group compensation plans are based on three concepts. A six lesson set, forty two book Financial Education set, an optional Financial Education periodical, and Capture Page Hosting subscription.

Four Corner Alliance Group has considered folks struggling to purchase the entire set by providing a solution to pay for the lessons from commissions earned however, it is essential to understand that the more lessons purchased, the faster you will be in a position to put money in your pocket from your recruiting and retailing efforts. The purchase options are:

  1. Independent Business Owner (I.B.O.) only – Paying the USD $8.00 administration fee only entitles the I.B.O. to the website tools (back office, retail store) to sell to the public, and consequently earning retail commissions via their access to our Four Corners Alliance Group retail store.
  2. Basic Entry ? Purchase product set level 1 only and use a combination of your commissions and future additional level purchases. Once all your product sets are purchased, your recruiting efforts will put income in your pocket. Total purchase under $30.
  3. li>Lesson set two pack ? Accelerate your education and reduce waiting time by joining us at product set level two for under $60.

  4. Lesson set three pack ? Dig in to your education and reduce waiting time by joining us at product set level three for under $120.
  5. Lesson set four pack ? Ready to take your understanding of financial systems to the next level? Join us at the product set level four for under $220.
  6. Upgrade from your store, accessible from your back office. You can upgrade all the way.

As you can see, there is a comfortable staring point for everyone at Four Corners Alliance Group

How much can I earn?

Your earning potential is unlimited and is influenced by the effort you put into building your business, together with the efforts of those above and below you building their business.

Paying Money (6)

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, for our members? convenience, we have multiple ways of accepting payments worldwide:

SolidTrust Pay (Visa, MasterCard)

SafetyPay: An inexpensive way to pay directly from a bank account in Europe and Latin America


How many times can I use my card?

You can process credit cards via SolidTrust Pay.?SolidTrust Pay membership not required.?Restrictions apply to three payment attempts daily.?This means unfinished transaction attempts are included in their count.

Can I pay for members who do not have a credit / debit card?

The solution is to pay using SolidTrust Pay, SafetyPay, or Bitcoin.

Is the credit card process secure? I know other programs that have had serious fraud issues.

Four Corners Alliance Group is fully PCI Level 1 compliant, and has gone to considerable lengths to ensure that we have the most up to date credit card fraud counter-measures. Understandably, the need of very high security and scrutiny during the card purchasing process may cause an inconvenience for some members joining us away from their billing address ? but we are sure you would rather us be safe than sorry.

Why is there a high fee on Credit Card purchases?

Direct Sales is considered a high risk business. A number of recent credit card fraud fiascos involving Direct Sales companies has caused merchant account providers (banks) to be very cautious about processing credit cards for the Direct Sales industry.

We have a good relationship with our merchant account providers. However, Four Corners Alliance Group pays out up to 86% to the membership in commissions. With such a high commission payout, the responsible thing for the company to do is to make provisions to cover the high fees and any holdback amounts. The fee goes towards covering these costs.

Commissions Questions (3)

What is Affiliate Commission?

In Four Corners Alliance Group, Affiliate commissions are payments you receive for referring others to purchase our products. We pay out 86% of the cost of each product as commissions. This is split 40% commission and 40% paid as a sponsor match and potentially an additional 6% paid out between member?s who qualify to receive that commission, and those member?s sponsors.

Click Here?to learn more about Affiliate Commissions.

What is Sponsor?s Matching Commission?

Members who actively promote the products and business are rewarded by receiving a matching bonus each time a member they personally introduced receives a commission.

Click Here?to learn more about Sponsor?s Matching Commissions.

How can I qualify to receive commissions?

Click Here?to learn more about qualifying to receive commissions.

Security (3)

We are expecting a lot of people to join and we are concerned your server can?t cope.

There are many reasons why a server can become overloaded. Poor programming practices account for the greatest number of server crashes in online programs. Server capacity is usually not the issue. You have no need to be concerned. Four Corners Alliance Group has multiple servers, and an experienced, vigilant team of programmers who have implemented best practices and will be on hand to keep the system running at optimum performance levels at all times.

Server maintenance will of course be necessary from time to time. We will endeavor to give you ample notice of these and limit down-time to the bare minimum.

Do you have measures in place to stop robots and scripts?

Yes, we have a number of counter-measures in place to deal with malicious attempts to flood our program with phony sign-ups including using a Captcha during signup.