Four Corners Business Opportunity

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“All you need is 4 friends to sign up under you, then help them get 4 friends of their own and you’re done. Your friends and their sign ups will duplicate this process. – Video Presentation”

Well, we help you and your friends easily sign up new friends using website visitors, social media and a visible queuing system.

Join 4Corners through the SA Millionaires Platform and receive the following benefits…

Queue your 4Corners Referral Link

  • New members assign to you automatically
  • Sit back, relax and watch how your network gets build for you is an option


Invite conveniently with Social Media

  • Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more Social Media Platforms included to invite Family and Friends
  • Video , Your Referral Link and Autopilot System included
  • Testimonies to Inspire and Encourage your Family and Friends to join


Get faster results with the system and exclusive rights…

Become an Independent Recruiter

As a joined Four Corners Club Member who wish to market the opportunity totally independent apart from the Autopilot System, meaning you only market Four Corners.

  • Give Four Corners presentation to a group of people
  • Post banners and Four Corners ads on social media

All your sign ups are personal and you bypass the queue. You responsible for your own success and your network grows thus faster, quicker and your earnings faster then those queuing for new automatic member assignment.

Exclusive Rights to the Queue :

How more excited can you make your sign ups showcasing the Autopilot System afterwards.

  • They all can register their Referral links on our website
  • They get the same service as all the other members
  • You get 100% assurance that they will make it too