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Chris Andre Buys

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I am from South Africa, Pretoria, Eerstrust and x-System Analyst by profession. I was unemployed for over a year and very frustrated from all the job applications and unsuccessful interviews. I was faced with financial obligations and a sense for life

One day I just decided, enough is enough and began to do online research knowing of all the scams, bogus businesses and that most of them are simply misleading. The internet is packed with information regards to all sorts of money making opportunity that range from Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Investments, Sales and the list goes on and on.

I was looking for the following in any opportunity I would join:

  • The company must be registered
  • Must have a local office (South Africa)
  • Sign up must be affordable
  • Product must be in demand or beneficiary 
  • Easy to market, save , secure and trustworthy

I just couldn’t find what I was looking for until I came across Four Corners Alliance Group. I was blown away when I discovered that they only require a one time investment with an unbelievable income opportunity. Most of the other reliable opportunities were really good except for one thing, they required a monthly subscription fee or their program included products that had to be paid on a monthly basis until you even-up before you start earning. 

Four Corners sell their products using a very unique method. The system automatically buy the next level product for you with the profits you make. This means that no one have to do any selling. You on the other hand get Financial Literacy that range from level 1 to level 6, basically free of charge, though it’s paid for.

Looking at the legitimacy of Four Corners, I was really comfortable because they have a local office in South Africa even though head office is based in USA, Las Vagas.  

Well, with this opportunity, hard work was still required, you must network and let people join hoping they will do the same.

Every single soul in my view wish to make extra money, but not all of us are equipped to network that easily. It is a proven fact that many has joined Network Marketing opportunities and dropped out because of it.

My question was simple. Will everyone who join me succeed, or how long will it take me to reach level 6, depending on the willingness and hard work of those who join.

I decided to make sure that whoever joins me will succeed, and that’s why I developed this website. You can still network, but have this support system. I will help you get you your 4 members if you struggle to do so.

I have discovered something else during my research. There is a revolutionary movement going on worldwide especially in South Africa. More people are open for opportunities across international boarders. 

While the SA rand is declining against the dollar for example, so does many South Africans take advantage of it in a way most will never understand. The weaker the rand the more they earn. Sounds a bit weird but true. Forex Trading is one example, but this is nothing.

This is exactly the solution for most South Africans instead of crumbling down with our economy they can rise above all odds like the petrol prices, unemployment crises, 7 year low on our inflation rate etc.

Government will never admit but while they struggle to find solutions to our local crises, so does most of the officials seeking financial gain somewhere else using our very own weak currency to their advantage.

More about this in forthcoming article…please stay tuned.  

Chris Buys