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This program is exclusively put together not only to benefit the community but to give the 4Corners Team Lead the ultimate advantage to grow faster due to his/her influence over people.

People in general need someone to take the lead and represent them. Well, no one other than the following individuals qualifies for this :

  • Community Leaders
  • Society Leaders
  • Political Leaders
  • Any leadership role that represent the people? ?

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4Corners 100% Matching Commission

For every person you personally introduce to the business, you get 100% matching commission. One of the great benefits as a 4Corners Team Lead. See “Income Streams” for more detail.

Requirements :

You must be a joined 4Corners member in our network

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Each 4Corners Team Lead has a affiliate link or dedicated page that display your personal information with all the content below. People need to understand why they have to plug in to what is called a revolutionary movement. More people on a daily basis are signing up on international online opportunities. But why is the question ?. Well, below are most of the answers.?

Anyone can enroll to begin the process of a full satisfying lifestyle of your dream with the great opportunity offered by Four Corners. All community members qualify regardless their past work experience or qualification. This will only cost you a onetime investment of $28/+-R450 once off.

The process is simple :

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Community Support and Understanding of Four Corners vs Unemployment & Inflation

I would highly recommend you considering a change of heart looking at your future plans regards to alternatives to overcome financial challengers. The world is changing faster than you know and South Africa?s inflation rate has fallen to a seven-year low. More people are looking for solutions somewhere else as South Africa’s economy is rapidly going down. Four Corners seems to be by far most the very best and secured online income opportunity that was well studied and investigated appose to other complex investment schemes

Some studies has been conducted to make sense out of what is happening in South Africa and why so many people are more open to investment scheme across international boarders.

Rise of the Entrepreneur

The world is changing faster than ever.

  • People are over worked and underpaid , they seem to have less time and less freedom. They live under constant pressure.
  • Technology is accelerating, job security is declining. Just doesn’t seem like the old model of making a living as liable as it use to be.
  • Every aspect of life’s , there is a better way out there but we still doing it the old way.
  • Sins so much of life’s revolved around our work and the way we make our living, many people are thinking there just has to be a better way.
  • The biggest challenge facing our world today is not making money, is what are we going to do with all the displaced unemployed people.
  • People are afraid they are going to make the wrong decision, People are afraid of the unknown, people are afraid maybe I don’t have the skills.

Inflation and what it means to the Consumer

What is Inflation ?

Inflation?means that the general level of prices is going up, the opposite of deflation. More money will need to be paid for goods (like a loaf of bread) and services (like getting a haircut at the hairdresser’s).

Inflation in South Africa hits a seven-year low

South Africa?s inflation rate has fallen to a seven-year low, official statistics showed Wednesday, as food prices were tempered by improved rainfall with the easing of a national drought.

Consumer price inflation slowed to 3.8 percent year-on-year in March from 4.0 percent in February ? within the 3.0 to 6.0 percent range targeted by the central bank.

Inflation in South Africa

Drought continues to affect agricultural production in many areas of South Africa, but the threat of severe shortages forcing Cape Town to turn off its taps within weeks has receded.

The central bank in March cut its benchmark lending rate by a quarter percentage point to 6.5 percent, the lowest level in two years.

But inflation is likely to rise after the VAT was increased to 15 percent in the first budget under new President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The strength of the rand

The rand currency has strengthened nearly 10 percent against the dollar since Ramaphosa took over the ruling ANC party in December. He then replaced Jacob Zuma as president in February.

South Africa?s economy is predicted to grow at 1.4 percent this year, according to the World Bank.

Ramaphosa has vowed to boost growth and tackle record unemployment by attracting investment and cracking down on government corruption.

South Africa?s economic rally

It marks a hat-trick of positive news for the South African economy in just over 24 hours. On Tuesday,?the IMF revised their growth forecast for the country?by more than 50%, bumping their 12-month prediction up to 1.5% from 0.9%

Meanwhile, the British government have confirmed they will be investing ?50 million ? around R850 million ??into South Africa over the next four years.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May discussed a host of issues with President Ramaphosa, with the pair resolving that social transformation and the National Development must take centre-stage when it comes to improving Mzansi.

Reference :?https://www.thesouthafrican.com/south-africa-inflation-april-2018/

Why we do what we do (Jobs vs Entrepreneur)

Job shaving means entrepreneurship skills more important for SA youth

Cape Town – South African youth will increasingly have to explore entrepreneurship for employment opportunities, according to Adv. Kobus Engelbrecht, spokesperson for the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year? competition sponsored by Sanlam and BUSINESS/PARTNERS.

?Given low economic growth, companies in the private sector are either shaving jobs or not hiring as they try to prevent further retrenchments. As such, the majority of jobs currently being created are in the public sector, which is counterproductive as this doesn?t contribute to gross domestic product (GDP) or job figures,? said Engelbrecht.

?Currently, young South Africans are not adequately equipped with the skills necessary to start and run a business. If young entrepreneurs are to realise their full potential and contribute to the greater economy, the country needs to mould the youth?s talent, skills and ideas with supportive training and mentorship.?

That is why he claims the national attitude towards entrepreneurship in the country needs to be shifted, especially in the minds of the youth.


SA currently possesses below average entrepreneurial activity levels for young people between 18 and 34 years. Statistics show that many young people in SA will never experience gainful employment. The availability of jobs is expected to diminish even further, given that SA is in a technical recession after the economy contracted by 0.7% in the first quarter of 2017.

SA ranks 58th out of 65 economies in terms of entrepreneurial participation for the age group 18 to 34, according to the 2016/2017 SA Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM). It shows that youth unemployment in SA remains at a high rate of over 60%.

Smart strategies

Engelbrecht wants to see smart strategies identified to bolster youth participation in entrepreneurship.

He points out that entrepreneurship doesn?t appear to be an option driven by unemployment, judging from the results of the 2016 Seed Academy Start-up Survey. Surveying 1 500 start-up entrepreneurs in SA, the survey revealed that only 4% started their business as they were unable to find a job and more than 80% had over a year of work experience before venturing into entrepreneurship.

“If you put the various studies together, you see there are many unemployed people in SA, but few start business because they are unemployed. In comparison to other countries and the rest of Africa it shows South Africans are not engaged in entrepreneurship to the level we would like them to be,” Engelbrecht told Fin24.?

“It means the youth of SA are sitting there, trying to get employed. Yet as an employer our government is already bloated and big companies have to re-engineer all the time to be more competitive and efficient. So, if government can’t employ the youth and big companies cannot either, they have to become self employed by starting their own businesses.”

According to Engelbrecht, the problem is that South Africans are told from a young age that they have to study and qualify or just get Matric and go and find a job.

“That is not a recipe that will work for the future. What we as a society has to do, is to train our children about self-employment and starting your own business. Instead of being a nation of employed we must become a nation of employers. For example, in Europe and North America the backbone of the economy is formed by family-owned businesses,” he explains.

“We have to teach our kids to have the mind set of an entrepreneur. Find something you like that you can turn into a business. We also see in SA that there are lots of unemployed people, while employers are looking for people with skill which are not available. So, be careful when you choose subjects and your direction of study. Ask yourself if you will find employment if you choose that direction.”


Engelbrecht says the SA government has recognised the need to empower young South Africans to explore a career in entrepreneurship and, while there is no simple solution to the poor youth entrepreneurial levels, the more inclusive initiatives that are introduced to encourage young South Africans to participate in the economy, the faster this rate can be improved, in his view.

?The implementation and access to existing youth entrepreneurial programmes has to be improved in order for youth to benefit. Further, more sustainable, long-term measures are needed to encourage young individuals into entrepreneurship and ensure that they have the skills necessary to succeed,” said Engelbrecht.

Reference :?https://www.fin24.com/Entrepreneurs/News/job-shaving-means-entrepreneurship-skills-more-important-for-sa-youth-20170627

Why South Africans must look for an extra income

These days, relying on your day job to make ends meet is not enough. As the cost of living in South Africa continues to inch upwards, many people are struggling to keep money in their savings accounts, pay off debt or save for retirement. Fortunately, there are ways to make a bit of extra cash.

You will most likely need to make a few sacrifices, such as work after hours and at the weekend, but if the aim is to pay off debt or to save more, it may well be worth it.

Reference :?https://city-press.news24.com/Personal-Finance/6-ways-to-earn-an-extra-income-20170607

Why Four Corners is the Best Solution

Four Corners Alliance Group Reviews | Multi-Level Marketing …

The bad and good about Four Corners and what industry experts and real consumers has to say. Click on User Reviewshttps://bestcompany.com/mlm/company/four-corners-alliance-group?People do not easily join online income opportunities these days due to the fact that many has lost money or were simply being mislead by bogus and fraudulent online businesses. Well, there are still a few good and legit businesses and should not be overlooked.??

You also don’t want to pay monthly subscriptions and it has to be affordable. Local office is also very important.

Does Four Corners comply to these ? Yes

  • They have a office in South Africa?
  • You only pay a onetime sign up fee
  • They Cheap and Affordable
  • Free Financial Education
  • You also get paid on a weekly basis

The Four Corners Community Program is not only aimed at marketing Four Corners but to create awareness , confidence, trust and the ultimate support moving forward.?

Leaders has a responsibility to really go down to ground level especially to those in a less fortunate position. Most people are out of the loop and don’t really know what is happening, good or bad looking at our economy?

The most crucial and important aspect of any online opportunity is continuation and activities local.

Your 4Corners Team Lead / Community Leader has the following responsibilities :

  • Inform people about Four Corners
  • Support them in Signing Up
  • Help them grow and earn
  • Continued Support