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PRESS RELEASE – 2019-07-18

Semi-Official Online Launch of SA Millionaires Club – 4Corners : Auto Pilot Recruitment System. (Release 1)

Online Business Opportunity powered by Four Corners Alliance Group

Make Good Money, Fast & Conveniently: Anyone anywhere in the broader world qualifies.

  • No Recruitment
  • No Selling (Automated System)
  • No Complicated or Risky Investment Schemes
  • Not a Pyramid Scheme (Product & Services are offered)
  • No Door to Door or Engaging with people
  • No Presentations to give
  • No Marketing on Social Media needed
  • No Monthly Subscription or Payments

100% Success Guaranteed

Skills and Qualifications are NOT a requirement.

Multi Income Stream opportunity too.

You do absolutely nothing except drawing from your earnings and log into your 4Corners back-office from time to time for logistic reasons.

But let’s first look at some common facts that affect us all globally and let’s keep it simple so that everyone can understand.

Unemployment is a worldwide phenomenon, not to let alone those who are uneducated seeking hopelessly and desperately for jobs. They just simply have to be satisfied with a minimum wage if something comes up, just to make end meets. 

Countries from around the world face different economic challenges, and as we all know it, that the value of money deteriorates drastically leaving even those who seem to make it baffled.

 Most of them have already started the journey online finding alternatives to supplement their current income, but with many obstacles along the way. The internet is packed with money-making opportunities whereas most of them is just simply misleading, fraudulent or bogus.   

Stock Markets, Cryto currency (Bitcoin), Forex Trading, etc, has become available and affordable to your average class population, but even these require skills and patients. The great thing about it is the fact that it’s approved by most governments and has manifest it selves as solid online business ventures. Would you like to learn about it while making money? You on the right track with this article.

Network Marketing or MLM commonly seen as pyramid schemes by many that lack knowledge in the field, are more often the easy and most convenient means for second-level incomes. The reality is that in practice is it not so easy to rely on down-lines to be successful, goal-driven and determine like you are and often result in them dropping out. Not all of us are marketers.

 But where does Network Marketing or MLM come from? Many years ago companies sold and promoted their products through sales raps and advertisements.

Well, think about this for a second. Social media and the online community created the market and awareness for a platform to simplify and accelerate these methods. There was an outbreak of online searches for online jobs etc. according to search engines statistics like Google, Bing, yahoo and many more.

This has resulted in the idea for companies to go bigger, better and international. Guess what? More websites came to light. Having an international audience broadens its market scope, but it didn’t end there. Word of mouth and one on one marketing is the best and most effective sales technique and in exchange for sales raps, incentives your clients or customers if they promote your service or product.

Sales grow overwhelming in comparison with only having sales raps. Online Job creation gave birth and so did Network or Multi-level marketing.

When no services or products are offered and it includes Network or Multi-level marketing, be rest assured that it’s a pyramid scheme which is illegal in most countries.

Hold on!!! When looking at compensation plans in Network Marketing or MLM you will jump for it, always very attractive and always start off with you must just introduce 3,4 or 6 for example and this must go on 4.5.6  level down to make a hack lot of money.

In reality, not a chance, possible though but with hard work and dedication, not just from you, but your entire down-lines. Not a get quick rich scheme.

Many have concluded that it’s all based on a pyramid scheme and that the guy right at the top get rich, some just quit along the way and lose hope. This also as a result of most companies requires monthly payments or subscription leaving you to believe that you just waste your time and money.

Well, if Network Marketing or MLM seems to be the save’s and convenient way to make money except for the practical challenges with down-lines. What are the solutions to these challenges?

Okay, Let’s get back to SA Millionaires Club – 4Corners platform…

Why Four Corners? They cheap and affordable, No Monthly subscription or payments enabling even the unemployed to participate.

Our platform uses a Sign-up Rotation System (4Corners Team Rotator) that enable every joined member to successfully recruit new members without having to do so themselves.

This means, instead of recruiting people. You simply register your 4Corners Referral Link and we do the rest.

Our Website is also downloadable to both Desktop & Mobile Devices as a native app. Yes, you can view the opportunity offline and with great loading speed. Please take note that first time/ online loading seems a bit slow but is very normal as the app is preparing for offline view or possible installation if needed. Thereafter can you expect a super-fast loading.


Every time our “4Corners Team Rotator URL is visited, the visitor is sent to one of the Team’s 4Corners Referral link or URL as we know it.

Our visitors are none other than website visitor and app users including you for example. Keep in mind that our platform has a global audience almost to the extent where we can say that no one waits during rotation. When more than one visitor visits the website, so will the rotation system rotate and more than one sponsor will become available for sign-ups at one instance.

Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation plan offers a 4*6 matrix that is equal to $575,200. They sell Financial literacy eBooks 6 levels down which include none other than the Bitcoins, Forex Trading, etc. You also earn from multiple income streams.

Please don’t get confused with the term selling as it is all done automatically within their business model.

If you sign-up with us through our rotation system and register your 4Corners Referral link, you will rotate until you sign up 4 new members and quite the list to prevent a long and outrages list.  Your 4 new members and their new members repeat what you did and you easily reach your 4*6 matrix. Even more, all your team members are equally successful.

To make this work even faster and more effective, we’ve introduced our own social network to publish testimonies on our timeline. Let’s face it, nothing sell like a good testimony.

What is also more appealing is the fact that everyone can do it. No one is left behind, to be honest.

We welcome anyone anywhere in the world regardless their background, skills or qualifications, simply because they don’t have to do anything at all and will still make it, just like the others who possibly are skilled to do so.

What are the risks involved?  None. This is not a complex investment scheme where you can make it big-time and lose big-time.

Hope this shed some light especially to those who think of pyramid schemes all the time.

Article written by Chris Andre Buys

About the author: Chris Andre Buys
Founder & Managing Director : SA Millionaires Club - 4Corners. I am from South Africa, Pretoria, Eerstrust and x-System Analyst by profession. My goal was to find the perfect business model and simplified it to suit each and everyone of us. Four Corners Alliance Group did just that for me. Any person can now with comfort join Four Corners while I do the rest of the work for them through my platform.

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    Founder & Managing Director : SA Millionaires Club - 4Corners. I am from South Africa, Pretoria, Eerstrust and x-System Analyst by profession. My goal was to find the perfect business model and simplified it to suit each and everyone of us. Four Corners Alliance Group did just that for me. Any person can now with comfort join Four Corners while I do the rest of the work for them through my platform.

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Good article I would say. It clears up the air and questions.
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