Namibian Member’s Update

Dear Members,

This message is for members wishing to market in Namibia or to Namibians.

The CEO of Four Corners Alliance Group, David Harrison, had a meeting with the Bank of Namibia over Skype on Friday, February 23. The meeting was cordial.

During the course of the meeting Mr. Harrison learned that sales of product in Namibia is only allowed to ?consumers? not partaking in the compensation program. in other words. The motive to buy a product is seen by the Namibian government to be clouded by the potential money making opportunity.

Mr. Harrison has acknowledged to BON that Four Corners Alliance Group is willing to make changes to the program specifically, and ONLY for the Namibian market. These changes will not affect, or change our program outside of the Namibian market.

Therefore, to be respectful to the Namibian government, we have turned of Namibia for new signup?s until the required changes are in place. We expect to release the changes required for Namibia, with the launch of 4C 2.0 over the next 4 weeks.

The New program for Namibia will be as follows:

  • Recruit pays $8 admin fee.
  • Recruit can retail our products.
  • Recruit can choose to buy our products from their back office store.

The Bank of Namibia?s job is to execute the law as written. If Namibians want the law to change, they will need to put forth the effort to help make changes to the law. Four Corners Alliance Group is not in a position to rally for change through the Namibian legal system.

Some Ministers of the government are favorable to changes in the law and would like to see both opportunity and rising literacy rates among the Namibian population. However, the topic of Network Marketing is a political hot potato.

Looking forward in 2018, the CEO, Mr. Harrison expects the Sub-Saharan countries to unify their effort to regulate online business. Mr. Harrison is making sure Four Corners Alliance Group is already in adherence in anticipation of the proposed online marketing guidelines.

Four Corners Alliance Group Administrative Team

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